Getting Found Online site marketing has four key purposes:
Brand Exposure - building awareness of products and services
Engagement - becoming prime mover / front of mind owner
Thought Leadership - being seen as category leaders
Sales - attract visitors, incite interest and improve revenue
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Search Rankings Carbide Media inbound marketing creates an online presence so you can be found. Our website SEO search engine rankings are built on:
Research - understanding how people search
Keyword Selection - competition and search volumes
Regular Content - content creation, publication and promotion
Inbound Links - new links from quality sites
Social Validation - 20% of rankings are from social mentions
Trust & Authority - two new measures which influence rank
On-Page Factors - meta-title and description enhancements
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Social Networks Carbide Media builds client trust social visibility across several networks. Socail network marketing components include:
Objectives - engaging, sharing, giving and building trust
Avoiding - shouting 100% self-serving messages
Quality Content - delivering value will build brand advocates
Daily Contributions - regular content gets noticed most often
Netiquette - thanking, participating, responding
Multi-Network - individuals frequent different networks
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Cost | ROI Services are flexible and adapted to each individual client need. Budgets range from £100 to £2000+ per month, depending on the work undertaken, though most are in the £250 - £500 / month range. Popular choices:
£100 / month - 3 keywords top 10 rankings + Twitter
£250 / month - 7 keywords top 10 rankings + Twitter, Facebook
£500 / month - 15 keywords top 10 rankings + Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
£1000 / month - 30 keywords top 10 rankings + Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+
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Optional - Email Currently managing campaigns of nearly 1mil emails per month, Carbide Media can help with campaign planning, messaging, scheduling, distribution and summary reporting.
Buyer Personas - developing an understanding of the target market
Hooks - identifying purchase reasons
Construction - building the messaging for leadership and sales
Execution - delivering the campaigns
Analysis - reviewing ROI and goal achievements
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Optional - Paid Search Presently managing campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook in excess of £100k revenue per month, Carbide Media can help with campaign planning, ad construction, goal tracking and summary reporting.
Clear Goals - build realistic targets
ROI Targets - net-profit of 2:1, 4:1, 10:1 or more
Geography - targeting for max-ROI or market inroads
Positioning - avoiding position 1 and impulse clicks
Analysis - reviewing ROI and goal achievements
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Attract new customers. Engage with them. Build trust. Increase sales.

Increased traffic

Carbide site marketing services are guaranteed to improve rankings, increase traffic and ultimately drive conversions. Organic search rankings are a cost effective way of filling the marketing and sales funnels.

Self-funding solutions

Each client solution is built from the ground up, designed to generate net-positive profitability and become self-funding within 4-12 months. ROI is closely measured, regularly reported and fine-tuned.

Front-of mind

The average prospect needs 7 touches to be converted into a buyer. Carbide develops campaigns which keep the brand, and its services/solutions in front of the customer mind through multiple channels.

Leads nurtured

Lead capture and nurturing programs are designed to offer valuable information at various stages of the marketing funnel, all designed to move prospects into becoming sales ready leads.

Every customer solution is unique to their situation

Bespoke solutions Just as no 2 snowflakes are ever alike, so too are no 2 customer needs the same. Carbide Media prides itself on formulating a strategy backed by tactics designed to accomplish exactly what is required.

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Making SEO & online marketing a scientific discipline

We work smarterThe Carbide process is founded upon the idea of working SMARTER: Goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-oriented, Time-bound, Ethical and Rewarded. This is science, not black magic!

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Global team that started in Scotland

The TeamCarbide Media was formed by husband and wife team Robb and Lorna Sands. Experience includes more than a decade each in product and project management, multi-national marketing management and design agency ownership.

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Global vision, local brands

SME MarketersDelivering results to a world-wide clientelle, Carbide Media works with SME's on both B2B and B2C who target local, regional, national and global prospects. Clients are based in Scotland, England, United States, Lebanon and Canada.

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